Serevi Rugbytown Sevens Day One Recap

August 27, 2016

Serevi Rugbytown Sevens Day One Recap


Doug Coil

The Serevi Rugbytown Sevens is being held August 26-28, 2016 at Infinity Park in Glendale, Colorado. Twenty teams are competing in the tournament for the win and $10,000.

 Day One: August 26, 2016 – Quotes from Marco Cummings Rugbytown article

In the Armed Forces Pool A, U.S. Army went 3-0 on day one and looked to be the team to beat for the Military Championship. They beat their closest rivals U.S. Air Force 41-0, while Air Force with a 2-1 record won against the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Marines. The U.S. Navy record stands at 1-2, U.S. Marines at 1-1 and U.S. Coast Guard 0-2.
All-Army sports representative Anthony Poore said “Our goal is to win the Armed Forces Rugby 7s Championship and then advance and win in the Cup finals of the SRS.”
In Pool B the Glendale Raptors and the SoCal Griffins went 2-1-0 on day one. When they met the match ended in a 19-19 tie. The Royal Air Force went 1-2, Black Dragons 1-1 and the Bermuda 7s 0-3.
The home town Glendale Raptors opened its tournament with a 24-7 win over Bermuda and then followed with a 15-5 win against the Royal Air Force.
Raptors head coach Andre Snyman said “The boys looked a little bit nervous but we managed to win that game quite comfortably despite a few nervous errors.”
In the match against the SoCal Griffins, the Griffins lead 19-0 before Glendale stormed back to tie the match 19-19. Snyman said “It was really tough. They’re a loaded team with some USA Eagles. I’m really proud of our players. They showed a lot of character in the second half and defended well. I’m excited to go into the second day with the character they built in that last game.”
In Pool C, the defending SRS Champion Denver 7s looked strong, opening their tournament with a 33-19 win over Atlantis. They then followed with a 28-21 victory over Atavus and a 28-12 win over Rugby Utah. The British Army also went 3-0 on the day. The Atavus All-Stars were 1-2, Atlantis 0-3 and Rugby Utah 0-2.
In Pool D, the Ramblin Jesters, an elite invitational side out of the U.K., went 3-0, while Tiger Rugby went 2-1 and stand in second place. Their lone loss was to the Ramblin Jesters 24-12. Both the Rogues Rugby from Canada and the Texas based Negro y Azul were 1-2, and the Stars Rugby 7s, 0-2.

It was an exciting first day of action with more to come today and Sunday.

Syman said “The competition has really increased this year. The quality of the players has increased and everyone is talking about the quality of the games, which is really good.”

In action today, the remaining Pool Play matches begin at Noon MDT and is followed by the Military Championship at 4:30 p.m. After that the SRS Bowl and Cup Quarterfinals will be held.

On Saturday the Bruises and Brews Beerfest  will also be held from 12-4 p.m. on the Festival Plaza, adjacent to Infinity Park. Twenty breweries will showcase their top brews, along with a few distilleries and a couple terrific hard ciders. Tickets for Glendale’s Bruises & Brews Beerfest are available for $35 online at or at the Infinity Park Stadium.

With a ticket to the Beerfest, fans also gain admittance to the 2016 Serevi RugbyTown Sevens tournament on Saturday.

On Sunday, the Semi-finals and Finals will take place

Watch today’s action or the live stream page and check out the great images of the day at the RugbyTown 7s Facebook page.

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  • Pool A: US Army, US Navy, US Marines, US Air Force, US Coast Guard
  • Pool B: Bermuda 7s, Black Dragons, Glendale Raptors, Royal Air Force, SoCal Griffins
  • Pool C: Atavus All-Stars, Atlantis Rugby, British Army, Denver 7s, Rugby Utah
  • Pool D: Negro y Azul, Ramblin Jesters, Stars Rugby 7s, Tiger Rugby, Roques Rugby


Aug.26 Schedule (Matches 1-28), Aug. 27 (29-49), Aug 28 (50-62)

  1. 12:00pm A US Army 39-0 US Air Force
  2. 12:10pm A US Navy 15-10 US Coast Guard
  3. 12:18pm B Glendale Raptors 24-7 Bermuda
  4. 12:38pm B SoCal Griffins 42-12 Royal Air Force
  5. 1:20pm  C Denver 7s 33-19 Atlantis Rugby
  6. 1:39pm  C British Army 19-12 Rugby Utah
  7. 1:58pm  D Negro y Azul 15-14 Roques Rugby
  8. 2:17pm  D Ramblin Jesters 36-7 Stars Rugby 7s
  9. 2:40pm  A US Army 29-7 US Marines
  10. 2:59pm  A US Air Force 38-5 US Navy
  11. 3:18pm  B Glendale Raptors 15-5 Royal Air Force
  12. 3:37pm  B Bermuda 0-44 SoCal Griffins
  13. 4:00pm C Denver 7s 28-21 Atavus All-Stars
  14. 4:19pm  C Atlantis Rugby 10-12 British Army
  15. 4:38pm  D Negro y Azul 19-33 Ramblin Jesters
  16. 4:57pm  D Rogues Rugby 7-34 Tiger Rugby
  17. 5:20pm  A US Army 26-7 US Navy
  18. 5:39pm  A US Air Force 14-5 US Coast Guard
  19. 5:58pm  B Glendale Raptors 19-19 SoCal Griffins
  20. 6:17pm  B Royal Air Force 24-12 Black Dragons
  21. 6:40pm C Denver 7s 28-12 Rugby Utah
  22. 6:59pm  C Atlantis Rugby 12-24 Atavus All-Stars
  23. 7:18pm  D Ramblin Rugby 24-12 Tiger Rugby
  24. 7:37pm  D Rogues Rugby 40-14 Stars Rugby 7s
  25. 8:00pm A US Coast Guard 14-19 US Marines
  26. 8:19pm  B Black Dragons 28-12 Bermuda
  27. 8:38pm  C British Army 26-14 Atavus All-Stars
  28. 8:57pm  D Negro y Azul 12-24 Tiger Rugby
  29. 12:00pm A US Army v US Coast Guard
  30. 12:19pm A US Navy v US Marines
  31. 12:38pm B Glendale Raptors v Black Dragons
  32. 12:57pm B Bermuda v Royal Air Force
  33. 1:20pm  C Atlantis Rugby v Rugby Utah
  34. 1:39pm  C Denver 7s British Army
  35. 1:58pm  D Negro y Azul v Stars Rugby 7s
  36. 2:17pm  D Rogues Rugby v Ramblin Jesters
  37. 2:40pm A US Air Force v US Marines
  38. 2:59pm B Black Dragons v SoCal Griffins
  39. 3:18pm C Rugby Utah v Atavus All-Stars
  40. 3:37pm D Tiger Rugby v Stars Rugby 7s
  41. 4:30pm US Armed Forces Championship
  42. 5:01pm Bowl QF
  43. 5:20pm Bowl QF
  44. 5:39pm Bowl QF
  45. 5:58pm Bowl QF
  46. 6:21pm Cup QF
  47. 6:40pm Cup QF
  48. 6:69pm Cup QF
  49. 7:18pm Cup QF
  50. 12:00pm Shield SF
  51. 12:19pm Shield SF
  52. 12:38pm Bowl SF
  53. 12:57pm Bowl SF
  54. 1:20pm Plate SF
  55. 1:39pm Plate SF
  56. 1:58pm Cup SF
  57. 2:17pm Cup SF
  58. 3:40pm Shield Final
  59. 4:05pm Bowl Final
  60. 4:30pm Plate Final
  61. 4:55pm 3rd Place
  62. 5:20pm Cup Final

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