USA Rugby AIG Men’s Collegiate All-Americans Play Darling Downs

August 5, 2016

USA Rugby AIG Men’s Collegiate All-Americans Play Darling Downs


USA Rugby Release: Chad Wise, August 5, 2016TOOWOOMBA, Queensland

Head Coach Gavin Hickie has selected his first starting XV of the AIG Men’s Collegiate All-Americans Tour to Queensland sponsored by WellDog to play against a Darling Downs Select Side on Saturday at Toowoomba, Queensland. Internationally capped Aladdin Schirmer from Central Washington University will captain the side.

The match will kick off at Down’s Gold Park at 6pm local time just outside of Brisbane with both sides using extended reserves. Steaming information is not available, but updates may be followed on Twitter @aarugby

The MCAAs arrived in Brisbane August 2nd after a two day trip. Twenty nine players from camp represent 15 Colleges and Clubs.

Hickie said “The most positive aspect of tour so far is how quickly the players have gelled and how tight this squad seems to be. We have been training two-a-days since we got here with virtually no down time, yet all the players have bought in and are working extremely hard. Their work ethic and attitude has been fantastic.”

“This group of players have so far been a joy to work with. The coaching staff are delighted with their team spirit.”

Aladdin Schirmer is no stranger to international rugby as he moved from playing for the AIG Men’s Collegiate All-American Sevens team to the Falcons and then Played for the Eagles Sevens and twice for the Eagles XV at the Americas Rugby Championship.

Hickie added about Schirmer “Aladdin was named captain as he has demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities from the start of tour. Obviously as an Eagle, Aladdin is a senior member of our tour. We want to facilitate him getting back into the Eagles squad and we expect him to be a standout on the pitch to match his leadership off the pitch.”

“The challenge of performing and leading this team has been laid out to Aladdin and he has responded exceptionally well. He has demonstrated maturity and confidence as the squad leader.”

The attack platform will be based off the Eagles’ game plan instituted by Head Coach John Mitchell. Half-backs Nick Boyer and Conor Kearns from Cal, along with Eagles’ Deion Mikesell on one wing and a sevens pool player in Tua Laei in the full back position, will help to implement the attack as the MCAAs are set to play a free-flowing game against Darling Downs Select Side.

Three of the forwards, Malon Al-Jiboori, Mason Pedersen, and Chance Wenglewski, played earlier this year in Zimbabwe for the World Rugby U20 Trophy.

Hickie said “We have been working hard on a simplified Eagles play book. We want all our guys to make the next step to the Selects and Eagles. By the time they get to that next level they should be familiar with the Eagles’ plays.”

“This has been an important focus for us. Our attack and defense shape, along with ensuring we win possession from the set piece, has been our main focus.”

AIG Men’s Collegiate All-Americans v. Darling Downs Select Side
1. Chance Wenglewski 2. Chad Gough 3. Mason Pedersen 4. Malon Al-Jiboori 5. Matt Jensen 6. Wes Hartmann 7. Aladdin Schirmer (C) 8. Vili Helu 9. Nick Boyer 10. Conor Kearns 11. Deion Mikesell 12. Cody Melphy 13. Bryce Campbell 14. Vetekina Malafu 15. Tua Laei

Darling Downs Select Side v. AIG MCAAs
1. Jack Cook 2. Sam Hogarth 3. Brett Corish 4. Sonny Power (C) 5. Sam Tweedy 6. Lachlan Tulloch 7. John Vinson 8. Tom Simpson 9. Will Gilbert 10. Andrew Turner 11. Zac Boland 12. Harry Hawker 13. Cameron Griffin 14. Nick Poole 15. Mic Jamieson 16. Brett Huth 17. Baci Wilson 18. Matt Roberts 19. Robert Patterson 20. Luke Johnston 21. John Moloney 22. Steve McVeigh 23. Eric Donaldson 24. Paul Maguire 25. Dan Ostwald

AIG Men’s Collegiate All-Americans: Tour to Queensland sponsored by WellDog
v. Darling Downs Select Side – Saturday, Aug. 6 @ 4 a.m. ET
v. Brothers Rugby Football Club – Wednesday, Aug. 10 @ 4 a.m. ET
v. Queensland Premier Barbarians – Sunday, Aug. 14 @ 5 a.m. ET

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