Capital Rugby Union Women Selects Camp

August 3, 2016

Capital Rugby Union Women Selects Camp


Doug Coil

The following players have been invited to the Capital Rugby Union Women’s Selects camp on Saturday, August 20th.



Nichols Aregano Diaz Norfolk
Sarah Romano. Nova
Meg Foster. Furies
Lyn Meyerhoff. Baltimore
Ty Marshall. Severn River


Sara Lundy. Raleigh
Jillian Erin. Severn River


Avery Rain. Nova
Kate Todorovich. Severn River Carol Ann Trammell Raleigh
Rian Van Nordheim. James River
Katie Smith. Severn River


Kayla Thompson. Raleigh
Dana Briosos. Sicon Academy
Rachel Primo. Nova
Lucia Martino. Furies


Maggie Olney. Furies
Mere McAlister. Severn River
Ashley Chipps. Pittsburgh


Scrum Half

Brianna Kim. Nova
Olivia Lindsey. Pittsburgh
Claire Angela Cole. Furies

Fly Half

Chelsea Garber. Raleigh
Charlee Bryan. Severn River


Jennifer Larrimore. Raleigh
Megan Gilmore. Sicon Academy
Jessie Young. Pittsburgh
Jessica Meidinger. Raleigh
Ciara Parker

Back Three

Kristen Maxey. Furies
Sarah Rosche. Raleigh
Masha Romanchak. Severn River
Christin Beigert. Pittsburgh
Leni Dworkis. Furies

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