San Francisco Golden Gate 7s

July 22, 2016

San Francisco Golden Gate 7s


Photo: SFGG Rugby

Doug Coil

On Saturday the San Francisco Golden Gate Rugby Club hosts the SFGG Sevens.

The Men’s Division will consist of Life West Gladiators and Olympic Club, as well as the Pelican North and Pelicans South. This is a perfect tournament to get ready for the Pacific North tournament on July 3oth.

The Pacific North tournament will feature the top teams from the Pacific Northwest and Northern California. The Seattle Saracens, winners of the past three Club 7s National Championships are likely to finish in the top two at the Nor Cal Championships. Life West Gladiators, Olympic Club  and the East palo Alto Razorbacks hope to avoid the Saracens at next weekend’s championship tournament. While the Gladiators and Olympic Club are at the SFGG 7s, the East Palo Alto Razorbacks are at the Pioneer 7s this weekend.

The Women’s Division features Life West Gladiatrix, Berkeley All-Blues , San Jose Shehawks and the Pelicans. The All Blues or Gladiatrix are looking to perform well this weekend as it likely will impact seeding at their regional championship and thus, a better chance of qualifying for Nationals. They both will be competing against Oregon Sports Union and Seattle Saracens on July 30th.

San Francisco Golden Gate Rugby 7s Schedule

Time Teams Referee
900 Pelicans South/Life West Tim L
920 Pelicans North/Olympic Club Jordan
940 Pelicans/Life West-W John
10 All Blues/San Jose-W Pete
1020 Pelicans North/Life West Phil
1040 Pelicans South/Olympic Club Tim L
11 San Jose/Pelicans-W
1120 All Blues/Life West-W
1140 Pelicans North/Pelicans South
12 Life West/Olympic Club
1220 Pelicans/All Blues-W
1240 San Jose/Life West-W
1 Bye
120 #3/#4-W-10min
140 #1/#2-W-10min
2 #3/#4-W-10min
230 #1/#2-W-10min
Women’s are Green
Men’s are Red

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