Dallas Athletic Club Adds Women’s Rugby

July 22, 2016

Dallas Athletic Club Adds Women’s Rugby


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Dallas Athletic Release

The Dallas Athletic Rugby Club is pleased to announce the formation of a Women’s side to enter competitive 15s play starting this season!

We hope and, will work hard to ensure, that this will strengthen DARC as a rugby club for all. It is already helping to re-establish DARC’s long-standing ties with Plano Rugby. This gives the daughters of our old boys a place to play after high school and college. When combined with DARC’s acquisition of land for pitch development in northeast Dallas county, this club is in a better position to be a strong, self-sustaining amateur rugby family with a permanent, physical home.

We expect this to be a unified club, with everyone supporting each other in all aspects. There are already coaches excited to help make this new side, and reinvigorated club, a success.

After discussions internally and with prospective women players, as well as consultations with established clubs fielding men’s and women’s sides, DARC leadership developed a plan that was unanimously adopted by its members. One important thing that we learned in speaking to other clubs is that there will always be bumps in the road. So we will be proactive in looking out for those, to avoid and minimize them. We believe our organizational flexibility will help as we can easily make changes to things as warranted.

The women’s side has decided to adopt the name “Dames” for now, the female form of “Knight”. If you’re interested in helping the DARC Dames be a success, contact us here or email: dames@darc-rugby.com.


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